ARMENTY is an online eyewear brand that focuses on delivering high quality eye wear products to protect your eyes long term. In the 21st century, we have seen technology develop faster whereby, we are becoming more reliant on technology devices, and using them everyday which is harmful to our eyes.

Approximately, 73% of young adults are affected by the blue light from digital screens whereby, they suffer from eye strain, headaches, burning eyes and blurred vision. The harm done to our eyes from digital screens and from the harsh UV rays can increase our chances of macular degeneration (vision loss). The blue light from digital screens has also shown to affect our sleep, accelerates ageing, affects our circadian system and causes dry eyes. In order to prevent this and protect our eyes, we have released our blue light glasses collection which are hand made in order to ensure that they are made to the highest quality. We also have a range of sunglasses as well to protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays.

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