EVELYN Women Round Sunglasses

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Our 'Evelyn' sunglasses have round shape lenses with a unique design on the arms. Made with the highest quality, these sunglasses do not scratch easily and offer many benefits for your eyes. Curved mirror arms on this product have been added for your comfort. 

This product is made with photochromic lenses. This helps to reduce eye strain and protects your eyes from the sun and blue light from electronics. Photochromic lenses change colour depending on the brightness of the atmosphere light. You will be able to see normally through the lenses while indoor and the lenses will change and become dark once in the sun. This is great as you will be able to see through the lenses like a normal pair of glasses when indoors (please see photos for clarification).

These sunglasses offer high definition UV protection from UV rays (UV 400 protection). Sunglasses that offer UV protection is essential as it prevents eye disease and cataract development which can cause loss of vision as one of the long term effects. These sunglasses are also available in four different colours for you to choose from so you pick the colour you desire while looking stylish and protecting your eyes. 

This product comes with the full packaging set as listed below: 

  • 1x sunglasses fibre cloth 
  • 1x sunglasses fibre pouch
  • 1x sunglasses case
  • 1x sunglasses box


Style: Round
Suitable for: Women
Lens Type: Polarised, photochromic, UV 400 protection, not easily scratched  
Lens Height: 58mm
Lens Width: 59mm 

Shipping and Delivery 

We ship orders within 1-2 business days. A tracking number is provided for all orders so that you can track your order on when it will be delivered. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

honestly these are cute sunglasses, such a unique design that you don't come across often

Dangelo Block

Good quality, happy with purchase.

Willa Heller

Glasses conform to the description, for my personal opinion, they are great! Perfect Size!!! Fast delivery, perfect packing! They are in a case with small cloth bag and cleaning chifonnet!. Everything is perfect! Thank you

August Schinner

Delivery about two weeks, thanks for the promptness. The glasses are good, the eyes are comfortable.

Evelyn Harvey


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